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Written by Adrian   
Sunday, 04 September 2005

Welcome to the PeakSEO Directory. You can use this directory to add the details of your SEO company at absolutely no cost. The directory displays a number of advanced options specifically tailored to the interests of clients looking for a company to carry out there SEO projects. The PeakSEO Directory provides the most comprehensive information on SEO companies you will find anywhere on the Net - in a simple, easy to navigate format.

The Listing Process

The process for listing your company details is extremely simple.

  • Register a new account at PeakSEO via the link in the login panel to the left.
  • Activate that account via email validation
  • Click on the “Add Your Listing” link in the Directory Menu
  • Select the appropriate category for your listing based on geographical location
  • Fill in as many fields as you can. Compulsory fields are marked with an asterix.
  • Submit your details and you will receive a confirmation message.

New submissions normally take less than 48 hours to be activated, but can sometimes take longer if its difficult to obtain the information we need to verify your company as a professional SEO service.

For Clients

As a client you need results. In order to get the best possible outcomes for your site you need to be sure any company you consider for your project is professional, ethical and responsible. At Peak SEO we conduct several background checks on those companies that list with us:

  • All companies listed with us must have an internet presence.
  • Contact details for all companies must be clearly indicated somewhere on the site
  • Upon listing there company, we require contact details for previous clients so we can get there opinion on the quality of the service provided and the overall impression of the company.

As a client you need to consider not only the professionalism of the companies you’re considering but the extra skills you might need now and in the future. Many companies provide services that go far beyond SEO, and the more skills they have at there disposal, the more useful they could be to you in the future.

Every listing provides information on those extra services, if there available, and some general details on each. The directory also allows registered users to provide comments on those companies listed. These comments often provide some useful insights on the company and there quality.

All We Ask (Nicely)

Listing on the Peak SEO Directory is 100% free, but we do ask that companies that have listed with us provide a small resource box so their website visitors may check out our valuable service.

Peak SEO - Ultimate SEO Portal
SEO News, Articles & The Best SEO Directory on the Net!

Its not compulsory to provide this link, but it certainly would be appreciated.

Featured Listings

Although listing is completely free, we offer a featured listing service for those companies seeking maximum exposure for there services. A Featured Listing has two key benefits:

  • Your site is listed at the top of geographical region. The maximum number of featured listings per state/region is three. Get in early!.
  • Your Featured listing is rotated on the front page of the directory, much like a banner rotation. So when a user clicks on the “Browse” option in the Directory menu, which the majority of users do, there is a good chance your company will be listed directly underneath the categories on this page. This gives your company excellent exposure as well making your listing look particularly professional amongst the other listings.

The cost of a featured listing is quite reasonable. For pricing and availability check out the advertising page.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 December 2005 )

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